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                                               The children of Nathaniel Smith and Louisa Brashears

                                                      Jane Smith

                                                      Manson Marion Smith was born November 3, 1852
                                                      in Citronelle, Mobile County, Alabama. He married
                                                      Elizabeth  Ann Reid in Citronelle, Alabama about
                                                      1877.  He died February 15, 1940 in Baxterville,

                                                      Benjamin Pearce Smith was born May 12, 1853 in
                                                      Fairford, Alabama.  He married Harriett Weaver in
                                                      1878 in Deerpark, Alabama.  He died December 5,
                                                      1906 in Brooklyn, Mississippi.

                                                      Lillian Bromley Smith was born after 1854 in Fairford,
                                                      Alabama. She married Henry Rifflet

                                                      Kate Smith was born March 7, 1859 in Fairford,
                                                      Alabama.  Kate married Joseph King about 1877 in
                                                      Mt. Vernon, Alabama and John Gorrick in 1898 in
                                                      Oklahoma.  She died February 15, 1923 in Anadarko,

                                                      John Nathaniel Smith Jr was born March 10, 1860 in
                                                      Fairford, Alabama.  John married Barbara Reid.  He
                                                      died January 27, 1931 in Baxterville, Alabama.

                                                      Oliver Emory Smith was born June 26, 1864 in
                                                      Fairford, Alabama.  Oliver married Mary R Parker
                                                      about 1890 in Wiggins, Mississippi.  He died in 1956.

                                                      George William Smith was born March 9, 1869 in
                                                      Fairford, Alabama.  George married Frances Weaver.
                                                      He died June 26, 1956 in Charity Chapel, Washington
                                                      County, Alabama.

                                                      Emiline Smith was born July 10, 1870 in Fairford,
                                                      Alabama.  She married Bob Lewis and John M Cole.
                                                      She died July 26, 1927.

                                                      Ludlos Smith was born December 23, 1872.  

                                                      Ira Smith was born in September of 1873 in Fairford,
                                                      Alabama.  He married Louisa B Chastang.

                                               The children of Ira Byrd Smith and Emiline Jane

                                                      Oliver Cromwell Smith

                                                      Joseph James Smith

                                                      William Frank Smith was born September 24, 1851 in
                                                      Mt Vernon, Alabama.  He married Sally Willimae

                                                      Virginia Missouri Smith was born December 12,
                                                      1852. She married William Rufus Dillard.

                                                      Ira Byrd Smith Jr was born in 1853.

                                                      Rosalie Adella Smith was born August 25, 1854.
                                                      Rosalie married Jacob Levi Crist.   She died August
                                                      18, 1912 in Mobile, Alabama.

                                                      Dennis Payne Smith was born in 1857.

                                                      Louisa Jane Smith was born May 11, 1859.  She
                                                      married Hamilton H Ramey.  

                                                      Emiline Jane Smith was born August 10, 1860.

                                                      Robert Walker Smith was born December 28, 1863
                                                      in Mobile County, Alabama.  Robert married Emily
Allen.  He died in 1912 in Mobile,  Alabama.

                                                      Margaret Caroline Smith was born October 15,
                                                      1865. She married J Wiltz Raley August 16, 1882
                                                      in East Brewton, Alabama.

                                                      Fannie B Smith was born November 28, 1868 in
                                                      Mobile County, Alabama.  She married Henry Boozer

                                                      Martha Smith was born after 1870.

                                                      Ebenezer Hearn Smith was born August 18, 1870 in
                                                      Mobile County, Alabama.  He married Emma L

                                                      George Glenn Smith was born after 1875.

                                                      Alice Jewell Smith was born December 26, 1875 in
                                                      Mobile County, Alabama.  Alice married Daniel N
. She died December 9, 1929 in Calvert,

                                                      Price William Smith was born July 17, 1877 in Mobile
                                                      County, Alabama.  Price married Melinda McCloud.
                                                      He died September 14, 1956 in Mount Vernon,



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