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                                            My first memories of childhood are of visiting the
                                            cemetery on a regular basis. The whole family
                                            would pitch in to clean, weed, mow, and trim the
                                            family plot. In the bottom corner was a small child's
                                            grave. Most of the other tombstones were closer
                                            to the top of the lot, but this one small grave seemed
                                            to be alone.

                                            I remember thinking how sad to have died at such
                                            a young age. To be all alone in that dark ground.........

                                            As I grew older, I learned more about the child who lie
                                            in that grave.  She was once an auburn haired little minx,
                                            with a cheerful smile and twinkling eyes. She was her
                                            mother's heart and her  father's pride, but their love nor
                                            devotion could keep this child from passing on to heaven.
                                            On a cold winter's night, this child went home to her father

                                            That was over 80 years ago; several of her siblings have
                                             joined her above. I'm sure her parents are by her side,
                                             but here below, those who can remember her laughter
                                             are few.

                                            Years from now there will be no one to mourn this child's
                                             passing........but hopefully she'll be remembered through
                                             these pages.

                                            So I give you years of research and love. All for the
                                            memory of the children who were never allowed to
                                            create their own legacy.

                                            I give you..............................VIDAS' LEGACY






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