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Colonel John Johnston

Col. John Johnston was another son of John Johnston of McIntosh Bluff, Alabama. He was married to Jane Bettis about 1818 and was the father of six children when he left for Indian Territory. At that time, Jane was alive and there is no evidence of a divorce. He just never returned to his family. The is no record of a legal marriage to Mary Cheadle, but their marriage was recognized in the Chickasaw Nation.

Col. John died at the end of the Civil War in 1865. His body was placed in a large wardrobe and buried in the Indian Burial Ground at Fort Washita, OK.

Fort Washita today is a state park. A large wooden barracks still exist. Around the barracks are the ruins of a army hospital, kitchen, officers barracks, General Hancock's quarters, and a few more buildings. There are three cemeteries; the camp cemetery, a confederate cemetery and the Indian burial ground, a beautiful meadow surrounded by a stone fence about 2 1/2 foot high. As you enter the meadow, there is a monument stating that it is the Chickasaw Indian Burial Ground and those buried here are "Known but to God." Next to the fence on the far right side is a large, old cottonwood tree. Underneath it is the tombstone of Col. John Johnston, the only marker in the cemetery.

Children of John Johnston & Jane Bettis

i. John (Jack) Pringle mar. Bertha Cato

ii. James Burr mar. Isabella Johnston (dau. of Daniel)

iii. Daniel

iv. Ann

v. Mary

vi. Agnes

Children of John Johnston & Mary Cheadle

vii. William Worth

viii. Franklin Pierce

ix. Douglas Hancock Cooper

x. Napoleon Bonapart

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