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                                        Ira W Rabren was born March 18, 1820.  He married  Manda
                                        Murfees  August 17, 1839 in Pike County, Alabama.  It isn't
                                        known if there were any children from this union.  Ira then married
                                        Eliza A Garrett.

                                        The children of Ira W Rabren and Eliza A Garrett were:

                                              James W Rabren was born August 1845 in Alabama.
                                              James married Lucrecy Fuqua and Martha Lundy.
                                              He died May 9, 1921 in Covington County, Alabama.

                                              Mary Jane Rabren was born October 2, 1848.

                                              Henry Joseph Rabren was born September 1, 1850
                                              in Alabama.  He married Martha Ann Faqua May 17,
                                             1875 in Andalusia, Covington County, Alabama.  He
                                             died April 28, 1925.

                                              Green T Rabren was born August 10, 1852.

                                              Caroline Elizabeth Rabren was born August 9, 1854
                                              in Alabama.  Caroline married Tom J Brown.  She died
                                              September 20, 1935.

                                              William J Rabren was born May 30, 1856.

                                              Nancy Ann Rabren was born January 27, 1860 in
                                              Andalusia,  Covington County, Alabama.  Nancy married
                                              James Eastern Reynolds in 1874 in Andalusia, Covington
                                              County, Alabama.  She died March 16, 1902 in Vernon,
                                              Washington County, Florida.

                                              Daniel Damascus Rabren was born November 25,
                                             1863 in Andalusia, Covington County, Alabama.  Daniel
                                             married Mary Magdalene Fuqua in 1885. He died July 2,



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