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                                      John M Pundt was born in 1799 in Hanover, Breman,
                                      Germany.  He immigrated to the Charleston, South
                                      Carolina.  It is said that his family was from Burmahaven,
                                      Germany.  He married Susannah Burie. Susannah was
                                      the daughter of Daniel Burie and ? Dunkin.  It is
                                      believed that the Burie family were of French Huguenot

                                      The children of John M Pundt and Susannah Burie were:

                                       Daniel H Pundt was born in 1830 in Charleston,
                                       South Carolina.  He died August 29, in Charleston,
                                       South Carolina.  He is buried at the Bethany Cemetery.

                                       Lucy Ann Pundt was born June 6, 1830 in Charleston,
                                       South Carolina.  She married Hanche Wayne Gissell.She
                                       died June 19, 1888 on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina.
                                       She is buried at the Bethany Cemetery. (click on Hanche's
                                       Name to find their children)

                                       John M Pundt Jr was born in 1831 in Charleston,
                                       South Carolina. He married Emolie ?

                                       Augustus Novell Pundt was born September 14, 1834
                                       in Charleston, South Carolina.  He married Amelia Eleanor
                                      Coker.  He died February 19, 1891 in Charleston, South
                                      Carolina.  He is buried at the St John's Chapel.

                                      Anna Jane Pundt was born in 1835 in Charleston,  South
                                     Carolina.  She married Charles J Reylea. She died November
                                     17, 1900.






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