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                                               Most of the information from Sweden was obtained
                                               from a wonderful man, Jan Remberg, who lives
                                               there, although he had no ties to my family he spent
                                               countless hours helping me to track my roots.  He
                                               even found some of the descendants of Carl Johan,
                                               who still to this day, live in Goteburg.  

                                               Carl Johan Hellberg was born in Goteborg,
                                               Sweden, November 15, 1818.  His occupation
                                               is believed to be a ship's captain.  Carl Johan
married 3 times, I am descended from his first
                                               wife, and oldest son, Carl Theodor.

                                                Carl Johan Hellberg married Cajsa Stina Lof
before 1845 in Harnosand, Sweden.  Cajsa's
                                                parents were: Carl Lof  and Brita Norman.

                                                Thier children were:

                                                Carl Theodor Hellberg was born in 1845 in
                                                Harnosand, Sweden.  He emmigrated to the
                                                United States  after the Civil War.  Family
                                                legend says he tried to come over during the
                                                war, but his destination, the Charleston Harbor,
                                                was blockaded.  In Charleston he meet and
                                                married Florence Emila Gissell.  They moved
                                                to Florida before 1893, and came to Alabama
                                                shortly afterwards.   Carl had his named changed
                                                to Charles Theodore Hillberg after arriving in
                                                America. Carl followed in his father's foot steps
                                                and also became a Ship's Captain.  By the early
                                                1900's he had given it up, and was working for the
                                                United Fruit Company, (now Chiquita) in Mobile.
                                                Charles transferred with the company to Guatemala
                                                where he served as a "Supervisor of Building".  It's not
                                                known exactly when, but Charles contracted Yellow
                                                Fever and died there. The body could not be brought
                                                home so he was cremated and his ashes scattered over
                                                the St Christopher statue.

                                                Johan August Hellberg was born March 23, 1847 in
                                                Harnosand, Sweden.  He also became a ships captain.

                                                Christoffer Hellberg was born in 1870 in Citypoint,
                                                Virginia. (This is a VERY large gap in children  Is
                                                Christopher Cajsa's son, or was Carl Johan married
                                                another time? Or could this child have been on the wrong
                                                side of the sheets??  Carl Johan marries in March of 1870,
                                                surely if Cajsa had just died  he'd wait longer than that to

                                                Carl Johan Hellberg married Anna Elizabeth Falck
                                                March 15, 1870 in Kville, Sweden.

                                                Their children were:

                                                Hulda Hellberg was born in 1872 in Kville, Carlslund,
                                                Sweden. She died November 11, 1893 in Kville, Skistad
                                                Mellangtrd, Sweden.

                                                Erik Hellberg was born December 30, 1873 in Kville,
                                                Carlslund, Sweden.  He died February 1, 1874 at Kville,
                                                Carlslund, Sweden.

                                                Carl Johan Hellberg married Gerda Charlotta
                                                Elisabeth  Johannesdotter
 September 16, 1874 in
                                                Tanum, Sweden.

                                                They had the following children:

                                                Erik Hellberg was born July 14, 1876 in Kville, Skistad
                                                Mellangtrd, Sweden.  He married Anna Pettersdotter
 March 18, 1904 in Kville, Sweden. Erik 
                                                emmigrated to Chicago, Illinois  on the SS Domino, April
                                                30 1895.  He returned to Sweden in 1900, but returned to
                                                the United  States in 1910.When Erik emmigrated he left his
                                                family in Sweden.  He died September 19, 1939  in

                                                Jacob Hellberg died September 20, 1877 in Kville,

                                                Anna Charlotta Hellberg was born April 26, 1881 in
                                                Kville, Skistad Mellangtrd, Sweden.  She is  buried in
                                                Fjellbacka, Sweden.

                                                Sigrid Hellberg was born April 14, 1883 in Kville, Skistad
                                                Mellangtrd, Sweden. She is also buried at Fjellbacka,

                                                Thomas Hellberg was born January 16, 1885 in Kville                                                       Skistad Mellangtrd, Sweden.

                                                Ester Cornelia Hellberg was born Mary 12, 1889, in
                                                Kville, Skistad Mellangtrd, Sweden. She is buried in
                                                Fjellbacka, Sweden.

                                                Ruth Dagmar Hellberg was born March 3, 1893.






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