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                GENERATION 1     

                (1)WILLIAM GOFF was born in Ga. in 1815  and believed
                    to have died before 1855 in Mobile Al.  He married Apr.21,
                   1840 MARY JANE RAIFORD in Mobile Al. Jane was
                    born 1822 in Al and died after 1880, her parents are unknown
                    but in the 1880 census she states her father was born in N.C. and
                    her mother was born in Ga.I believe the parents of William are
                    LEWIS GOFF and NANCY ?

                   According to the will of LEWIS GOFF (3-23-1837 Mobile) he
                   names his children as SABRA (married to CHARLES HUBBARD),
                   JAMES, POLLY (married to JAMES ROBERTS) WILLIAM,
                   ELIZABETH, and LEWIS. In 1845 when the will is being probated
                   Elizabeth is called ELLENA (married to C.C. COLLINS) and Sabra
 is now married to S. HAVARD instead of Charles Hubbard. I found a
                  deed that is signed by WILLIAM and JANE GOFF and SABRA and
                  CHARLES HAVARD, this deed is for land that is located in the same
                  area on the Ms/Al line where Lewis had purchased land before he died.
                  This family can be found in Mobile Al and Pascagoula Ms. WILLIAM's
                  age is also consistent with the age of one of LEWIS' sons on all census
                  records. IS THIS ENOUGH TO PROVE THAT MY WILLIAM
                  IS THE SON OF LEWIS??????

                GENERATION 2

                The Children of WILLIAM GOFF and MARY JANE RAIFORD

                  (2)HENRY JEFFERSON GOFF  was born in1840
                      Mobile, Al

                  (2)WILLIAM THOMAS GOFF was born Jun.18,1843
                       in Mobile, Al and died after 1915. He married April 21,1868
                       MARY S SUTTON who was born  in 1849 and died
                       before 1900. MARY is the daughter of JOHN S SUTTON
                       born 1821 NJ died Sept 8, 1872  Mobile Al and JULIA A
born 1828 Al and died Aug 3, 1889 Mobile Al.
                      WILLIAM THOMAS GOFF served in in the confederate army
                      from 1862-1865. He was a private in Company I, 24th Regt. He
                      served under Gen. J.E.Johnston and was wounded at the battle of
                      Chicamunga Farm in Tenn. He received his 4th class pension in Al
                      on Aug. 14,1909 and his 2nd class pension in Al on April 19, 1915
                      at the age of 72. In his pension records and census records William
                      is listed as a carpenter.

                 (2)ALFRED LEWIS GOFF was born 1845 in Mobile Al

                 (2)JAMES IRVIN GOFF was born 1847 in Mobile Al and died
                     Feb 13, 1922 in Mobile Al.  He married (first license not returned issued
                     Sep 23, 1872) 2nd license Feb 3,1879 Mobile Al, MARY FRANCIS
. Mary was born 1849 died May 25, 1910 Mobile Al.
                     James and Mary are buried at Magnolia Cemetery.

                GENERATION 3

                The Children of WILLIAM THOMAS GOFF and MARY S                            SUTTON

                  (3)MARY EVA GOFF was born May 24,1869 in Mobile Al
                       and died March 11,1952 in Mobile Al. She is buried in Magnolia

                  (3)JULIA IDA GOFF was born 1871 in Mobile Al. She married
                      Jun.8,1892 OSMOND T McNAMEE

                  (3)EDNA S GOFF was born Aug. 1872 in Mobile Al. She married
                      Feb. 16 1903 SIDNEY E TAYLOR

                  (3)WILLIAM LAWRENCE GOFF was born Jun 19,1875 in
                       Mobile Al and died Jul.30, 1939 in Mobile Al.  He married May 14,
                       1902 LOUISE ESTELLE DOODY in Mobile Al.  LOUISE
                       was born May 3, 1874 and died Mar.25,1959. She is the daughter of
                       THOMAS DOODY born 1810 Waterford Ireland, died Dec 31,
                       1890 and MARY DOWLING who was born about 1835 in
                       Ireland. WILLIAM LAWRENCE GOFF was a carpenter like his
                       father and uncles. William and Louise are buried in the Catholic
                       cemetery along with her parents.

                  (3)JAMES FREDRICK GOFF was born Oct.7,1878 in Mobile
                      Al. He died Nov 16, 1931 in Mobile Al.  He married May 16, 1905 in
                      Mobile Al. MAY COWART

                  (3)FRANCES EUGENE GOFF was born May 1879 in Mobile
                      Al  He married March 1, 1905 in Mobile Al FLORENCE G

                  (3)CLARA R GOFF was born Dec 1881 in Mobile Al. She married
                      Aug. 7 1901 in Mobile Al MARCUS B COLEMAN

                GENERATION 4

               The Children of WILLIAM LAWRENCE GOFF and LOUISE
                   ESTELLE DOODY

                   (4)MICHAEL JOSEPH GOFF was born April 30,1903 in
                       Mobile Al. He died in Mobile Al on June 20, 1966.  He married Oct
                       24,1925 in Pascagoula Ms.MARTHA ELLEN MITCHELL
                       who was born June 20, 1910 in Mobile Al and died  Feb.17,1987 in
                      Mobile Al. She is the daughter of JOHN EDWARD
from Scotland and ELLA MARY WILLIAMS.
                       Michael and Martha are buried in the Catholic Cemetery.

                   (4)WILLIAM LAWRENCE GOFF JR was born April 6,
                       1906 and died May 25,1988. Never married.

                   (4)MARY LOUISE GOFF was born Oct 24,1904 and died
                       March 19, 1987 in Mobile Al. She married ARTHUR
and later divorced him. They had no issue.

                   (4)FREDRIC ALPHONSE GOFF was born September 6,
                       1909. He married FRANCES VERNELL WIGGINS
                       on June 15, 1936 in Mobile Al.

                   (4)KATHLEEN GOFF died as an infant

                GENERATION 5

                The children of MICHAEL JOSEPH GOFF and MARTHA                          ELLEN MITCHELL

                Michael and Martha had 15 children. I am posting my direct line but the
                names of the other children who are now living will not be posted only their
                sex and the year in which they were born 

                    (5)Female b 1926

                    (5)MICHAEL JOSEPH GOFF JR was born Jan.14,
                        1928 in Mobile Al and died Nov. 26,1935.

                    (5)Male b 1930

                    (5)DOROTHY ELLEN GOFF was born Dec.11, 1931 in
                        Mobile Al She died on in Mobile Al.

                    (5)Female b 1933

                    (5)THOMAS ALPHONSE GOFF SR was born Dec.2,
                        1936 in Mobile Al.  He married on Jul.26, 1958 in Mobile Al
                        VIRGINIA FAYE VAUGHN. Faye was born on Jan. 29,
                        1941 in Grove Hill, Clarke Co Al.and is the daughter of MATTHEW
                        HERMAN VAUGHN

                    (5)Female b 1939

                    (5)LAWRENCE VINCENT GOFF was born Aug.4,1941 in
                        Mobile Al and died Apr.5, 1987 in Mobile Al.

                    (5)Female b 1943

                    (5)Female b 1945

                    (5)Female b 1946

                    (5)Male b 1948

                    (5)Female b 1949

                    (5)Female b 1950

                    (5)Male b 1951

                GENERATION 6

                The Children of THOMAS ALPHONSE GOFF SR and
                VIRGINIA FAYE VAUGHN

                     (6)VIRGINIA MARIA GOFF was born Jun. 6,1959 in
                         Mobile Al. She married ROBERT WAYNE PRITCHARD
                         on Aug.13, 1986 in Darmstadt Germany They were married again on
                         Aug.22,1986 in a military church wedding.Robert and  Ginny were
                         both serving in the U.S. Army and stationed in Germany when they

                     (6)THOMAS ALPHONSE GOFF JR was born Jun.19,1960
                          in Mobile Al. He married BRENDA DARLENE
on Sept.22, 1980 at St.Domonics Catholic Church
                         in Mobile Al.

                     (6)CYNTHIA DIANE GOFF was born Aug.13,1961 in Mobile
                         Al. She married 1)STEPHEN WILEY MATTHEWS on
                         Jan.1,1979 at Lott Rd Baptist Church in Semmes, Mobile Co Al.
                         2)LEONARD RAPHAEL GRIFFINon Jun.18,1980 in
                         Saraland, Mobile Co Al.

                     (6)KENNETH WAYNE GOFF was born Apr.10, 1963 in
                         Mobile Al.


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