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                                        The children of Jeremiah Dean was:

                                               Drury Dean was born September 8, 1785 in Marlboro
                                               County, South Carolina.  He married Mary McWilliams
                                               in 1808.  After her death he married her sister Lydia
                                               McWilliams about 1822.  Drury died October 13, 1821
                                               in Conecuh County, Alabama.

                                        The children of Drury Dean and Mary McWilliams were:

                                               William F Dean was born February 18, 1809 in Union
                                               County, South Carolina.  He married Martha McWilliams
                                               and  then Louisa C Fincher, 1827 in Upson County,
                                               Georgia.  Lastly he married Eliza Jane Scruggs in 1863.

                                               Thomas Mastin Dean was born February 10, 1810 in
                                               Georgia.  He married Elisha ?

                                               Jeremiah Dean was born March 22, 1811 in Georgia. He
                                               married Nancy Cone.   Jeremiah died November 12,

                                               Temperance Dean was born October 20, 1813 in Jasper
                                               County, Georgia.  She married John Gilmore.
                                               Temperance died after 1880 in Conecuh County, Alabama.

                                               Mary Dean was born in 1814 in Georgia.  She died April 4,
                                               1835 in Conecuh County, Alabama.

                                               Malenda Dean was born January 23, 1818 in Conecuh
                                               County, Alabama.  She married James Bailey Cone.
                                               Malenda died June 10, 1885.

                                               Amanda Dean was born November 22, 1818 in Conecuh
                                               County, Alabama.  She married Stephen Gilmore about
                                               1838.  Amanda died June 10, 1885 in Conecuh County,
                                               Alabama. She is buried in the Asbery Cemetary, Conecuh
                                               County, Alabama.

                                               Lucinda Dean was born July 16, 1820 in Alabama.  She
                                               married Joshua Cone.  Lucinda died in 1855.

                                               Drury Dean was born November 27, 1821 in Alabama.  He
                                               married first Loria, and Matilda McWilliams after 1870 in
                                               Alabama.   He died before 1880 in Lampassas County,

                                        The children of Drury Dean and Lydia McWilliams were:

                                               Ellender Dean was born February 7, 1823 in Conecuh
                                               County,  Alabama.  

                                               Rowan Dean was born October 24, 1824 in Conecuh
                                               County, Alabama.  He married Gatsey Ann Mixon.

                                               Lorenzo Dow Dean was born February 23, 1826 in
                                               Conecuh County, Alabama.  He married Martha F ?.
                                               He and Martha divorced February 9, 1850.

                                               Nancy Frances Dean was born January 13, 1828 in
                                               Conecuh County, Alabama.  She married T Gabriel
, December 8, 1868.

                                               Sherod Louis Dean was born January 31, 1830 in Conecuh
                                               County, Alabama.  Sherod married Martha Lenore Page,
                                               January 29, 1851.  He died October 8, 1899.

                                               Sarah Ann Dean was born January 14, 1832 in Conecuh
                                               County, Alabama.  She married Lemuel Bowden,
                                               December 22, 1859 in Monroe County, Alabama.

                                               James Hodges Dean was born January 15, 1834 in
                                               Conecuh County, Alabama.  He died January 22, 1852
                                               in Conecuh County, Alabama.

                                               Martha Ann Dean was born January 15, 1834 in Conecuh
                                               County, Alabama.  She married William Raford Lee,
                                               February 20, 1860.

                                               Samuel Oliver Dean was born November 26, 1836 in
                                               Conecuh County, Albama.  He married Rachel Mixon.
                                               Samuel died February 28, 1885 in Conecuh County,