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                                    According to later census records on his children, Alexander
                                    Elliot Clark
was born in North Carolina about 1779.  He died
                                    about 1853 in Jackson County, Mississippi.  Somewhere between
                                    North Carolina and Kentucky, he married Mary ? By 1814 they
                                    are living  in the St Elmo area of Mobile County, Alabama.

                                   The children of Alexander Elliot Clark and Mary ? were:

                                          James Madison Clark was born in 1809 in Kentucky.  
                                          He married Amanda Rogers about 1836.  After her
                                          death he married Sarah SimmonsJames enlisted in the
                                          25th Regiment of Volunteers for the Confederacy October
                                          11, 1861. Before 1862 he and Sarah lived in what was
                                           known as the Templeton Settlement, St Elmo, Mobile
                                          County, Alabama. After the Civil War he moved his family
                                           to Bayou Casotte, Mississippi.  He died at home August 
                                           23, 1883.  Funeral Services were performed by J W
 at  the  M  E Church  of  Murray's  Station,
                                           Mississippi.  He was buried at Oddfellow Cemetery in
                                           Irvington, Mobile County, Alabama.

                                          Caroline Matilda Clark was born in 1811 in Florida.
                                          She married Emanuel Bangs.  She died in 1904.

                                          Mary Ann Clark was born in 1814 in St Elmo, Mobile
                                          County, Alabama. She married John Poole.  She died in
                                          1865.  Mary Ann is buried at Oddfellow Cemetery in
                                          Irvington, Mobile County, Alabama.

                                          Thomas Jefferson Clark was born February 29, 1822
                                          in St Elmo, Mobile County, Alabama.  He married Pauline
.  He died July 16, 1885. Thomas enlisted in the
                                          Alabama Coast Guard, March 4, 1860 at the age of 38.  
                                          He moved to Bayou Cumbest, south of Murray Station, in
                                          1869.  His occupation was listed as a Farmer and Fisherman.

                                          Alexander Elliot Clark Jr was born in 1826 in St Elmo,
                                          Mobile County, Alabama. He married Adeline Bosarge.  
                                          He enlisted in the Alabama Coast Guard, March 4, 1860.
                                          He  died  in  1865.   Alexander  is  also  buried  at  the
                                          Oddfellow Cemetery, Irvington, Mobile County, Alabama.