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                    CAMERON FAMILY


                                             It is believed that the forefather of the Cameron family
                                             is Levander Cameron and his wife Hester.  However,
                                             we have been unable to find proof of this.

                                             I also wish to thank Sue Meinhart, Jerry Heitzman
                                             and Chris Beard for their help in compiling the following

                                            The children of Levander Cameron and Hester ?

                                                  Jesse Cameron was born about 1800.  He
                                                  married Lavina Stanford.

                                                  Lecy Cameron was born about 1810.  She
                                                  married  William Roach in January of 1841.

                                                  Alexander Cameron was born about 1810
                                                  in South Carolina.  He married Drucella
in 1840 in Mississippi.

                                                  Winny Cameron was born about 1813. She
                                                  married James Pickney Duncan March 30,
                                                  1831 in Marion County, Mississippi. She died
                                                  in Walthall County, Mississippi about 1854.

                                                  Elizabeth Cameron was born in 1819 in
                                                  Marion County, Mississippi.  She married
                                                  William Connerly
December 23, 1835 in
                                                  St Helena Parish, Louisiana.  She died in
                                                  1898 in Marion County, Mississippi.

                                                  Alford Cameron was born in 1820 in Marion
                                                  County, Mississippi.

                                                  William Cameron was born in 1822 in Harrison
                                                  County, Mississippi.  He married Jane Dearman.
                                                  He died about 1891 in Forest County, Mississippi.

                                                  Mary Caroline Cameron was born in 1825.  She
                                                  married James Bilbo in March of 1840.


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