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                                         I am still looking for documentation for some of
                                 this information. Some information was taken
                                 from books and I still need to go to the court
                                 house to get the actual proof. So if you make a
                                 connection please make sure you look for
                                 documentation. If you have documentation
                                 that I could use such as copies of wills or bible
                                 information, it would be greatly appreciated.


                                        WILLIAM BOWLER was probable born in Virginia
                                        or South Carolina about 1760 and died  in Clarke Co
                                        Alabama  in 1821. He may be the son of JAMES
                                        William married 1) RACHEL ? and 2) ELIZABETH
. According to a lawsuit William had 4 children
                                         before he married Elizabeth, and they had no children
                                         together. They  moved from S.C. to Clarke Co. Alabama
                                         about 1816. I have found many different spellings for this
                                         family name BOULWARE, BOWLER, BOULER,
                                         BOLAR, BOLLAR


                                     The children of WILLIAM BOWLER and 
                                     RACHEL ?  were:

                                             JOHN BOWLER was born about 1786 possibly
                                             in Edgefield South Carolina, he died Jan.8,1853 in
                                             Clarke Co Alabama. He married MARY ABNEY
                                             in S.C. Mary is the daughter of Private PAUL
born about 1744,died Dec.27,1820 in
                                             Edgefield S.C.and ELEANOR HAMILTON
born about 1744 and died Sep.17,1819 in Edgefield
                                             S.C.   John and Mary moved from S.C. to Clarke Co
                                             Alabama about 1820. In the 1820's records show
                                             John was the sheriff Clarke Co and a tax collector. In
                                             1830 I have found that he went into the mercantile
                                             business and was partners with Jesse Doyle. According
                                             to the 1850 census he is listed as a farmer.

                                             ELEANOR BOWLER was born Sep.27,1787 she
                                             married NATHANIEL  ABNEY. Nathaniel and
                                             Eleanor settled in Sumpter Co Al.

                                             WESLEY BOWLER was born Jun. 6,1797 he married
                                             ELIZA WALTON on Dec.22, 1823 in Clarke Co.
                                             Alabama. Wesley and Eliza later moved to Mississippi.

                                             AGATHA BOWLER married GREEN McKINNEY
                                             (according to William's estate records Green McKinney
                                              bought the family bible for $3.50.)