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[Compiled by Bob Stutzman, Huntsville, AL, and edited by Ken Jones, Stephenville, TX]

Regimental Officers: McKINSTRY,Alexander,
Col. MAURY, Harry (Henry),
Lt. Col. (appointed Col.) EASTON, Thomas S.
Major (resigned, 13 May 1863) ASHE, Thomas Porter
Major (resigned, 15 Oct 1862) KIMBELL, John C.
A.Q.M. (dropped, 10 June 64) FISH, O. B.
Chaplain BEARD, William
Surgeon ABERNETHY, Jones Cadwalader
Capt., Ass's Surgeon CHANDLER, John L.
Adjutant(appointed Capt.) IVEY, Charles C.
Adjutant MIDDLETON, Lewis A.
Adjutant BOUCHELLE, E. F.
Surgeon (resigned, 29 Sept 1862) CHILD, Jeff [Duff?]
Surgeon THOMPSON, J. W.
Ass't Surgeon PERSONNEL: Abernathy, Jones Cadwalader
F&S (Ass't Surgeon) Adams, W. E. Co. "F"
Albright, John E., Co. "E"
Allen, Christopher C., Sgt., Co. "D"
Allen, James A., Co. "B"
[Allen, James W.?] Allen, Robert J., Co. "E"
Alston, Thomas B., 1st Lt., Co. "D" and "C"
Amerson, Hugh G., Co. "I"
Amerson, J. H., Co. "I"
Amerson, R. J., Co. "I"
Anderson, Chapman, Co. "E"
Anderson, John W., Co. "A"
Anderson, Solomon, Co. "A"
Anderson, W. B., Co. "I"
Anderson, W. J., Co. "F"
Andrews, A. S., Chaplain, F&S
[Antunez?], Joachim, QM Sgt., Co. "B"
Armistead, Robert S., Sgt., Co. "E"
Armstrong, Lancy L., Co. "A"
Ashe, Thomas Porter, Major, F&S | r. 15 Oct 62
Ashton, Samuel I., Co. "B"
Atchison, George L., 1st Sgt., Co. "G"
Austin, John, Co. "C"
[Ayers, W. T.?]
Bailey, Elijah H., Co. "A"
Bailey, Thomas H., 1st Sgt., Co. "A"
Baker, C., Co. "I"
Baker, H. R., Co. "I"
Baker, James L. , Co. "F"
Baker, J. B., Co. "I"
Bancroft, Thomas J., 2nd Lt., Co. "K" | r. 5 Aug 62
Barber, D. B., Co. "F"
Barber, J. D., Co. "F"
Barnard, James, Co. "G"
[Barnett, George?]
Barry, Garrett, Co. "F"
Bartley, William, Co. "G"
Barton, John S., 2nd Lt., Co. "I"
Basford, William, Cpl., Co. "K"
Batley, George W., Co. "A"
Batley, S. A., Co. "F"
Batley, W. R., Co. "F"
Batten, Hanson, Co. "D"
Bauer, N., Musician, F&S
Baxter, Charles, Co. "I"
Beard, Erasmus G., Co. "F"
Beard, William, F&S (Surgeon)
Beasley, Charles V., Co. "A"
Beasley, Thomas, Co. "F"
Beasley, William P., Co. "A"
Beason, Jeremiah, Co. "C"
Beck, James, Co. "C"
Beck, Thomas, Co. "I"
Bedsole, Rayford H., Co. "H"
Bedsole, Thomas H., Co. "H"
Beech, Isreal S., Co. "A"
Beech, James M., Co. "A"
Beech, John, Co. "A"
Beech, Joshua T., Co. "A"
Beech, Peter J., Co. "A"
Beech, William C., Co. "A"
Bell, J. G., Co. "F"
Bell, John W., Capt., Co. "H" | died, 14 Feb 64
Benefield, Lester W., Cpl., Co. "D"
Bennett, W. R., Co. "B"
Berry, W. H., Co. "E"
Berry, William C., Sgt., Co. "K"
Bethea, Benjamin D., Co. "B"
Bethea, Joshua B., Co. "B"
Bethea, Thomas Jeff., 1st Sgt., Co. "C"
Bianco, Louis, Cos. "K" and "C"
Billings, C. C. , Sgt., Co. "H"
Birchfield, T. J., Co. "D"
Blackburn, John B., Sgt., Co. "F"
Blackledge, Thomas, Co. "B"
Blackwell, James, Co. "G"
Blackwell, Josiah P., Co. "G"
Bland, James, Sgt., Co. "I"
Blaylock, John M., Co. "I"
Blount, Felix E., Capt., Co. "G"
Blount, James M., Co. "G"
Bludsworth, John C., Co. "F"
Blumenstiel, F. E., Musician, F&S
Blunks, Louis, Co. "C"
Bolen, John A., Sgt., Co. "E"
Bolen, Thomas B., Co. "E"
Bolton William H, Cpl., Co. "B"
Bone, Samuel, Co. "H"
Bosarge, Peter, Co. "C"
Bostick, J. J., Cpl., Co. "G"
Bouchelle., E. F., F&S (Surgeon) | resigned, 29 Sept 1862
Boutwell, Francis M., Co. "F"
Bowling, Robert L., Capt., Co. "A" | resigned, 30 Dec 63
Bowen, A., Co. "F"
Boyd, Daniel, Co. "D"
Boykin, Francis H., Co. "A"
Bradley, Josiah, Co. "K"
Bradley, William G., Co. "K"
Brady, Michael, Co. "K"
Brazzle, James, Co. "H"
Breman, M. X., Co. "B"
Brewer, John C., jr., Co. "I"
Brewer, J. C., sr., Co. "I"
Brewer, William P., Co. "B"
Bridges, Peter, Cpl., Co. "G"
Brinks, Alexander, Co. "H"
Brooks, L. B., Co. "D"
Brown, Francis, Co. "B"
Brown, George W., Co. "B"
Brown, J., Co. "F" Brown,
James W., Co. "H" Brown,
John L., Sgt., Co. "H"
Brown, Joseph J., Sgt., Co. "K"
Brown, Samuel J., Co. "A"
Brown, William B., Co. "C"
Brownlow, Charles V., Co. "B"
Brunson, George A., Co. "H"
Brunson, J. B., Co. "F"
Bryan, Asa, Co. "I"
Bryan, John, Co. "K"
Bryant, Jessee, Co. "G"
Bryant, Roman, Co. "G"
Buckaloo, John C., Co. "A"
Buckaloo, Ptolomey, Cpl., Co. "A"
Buckaloo, William B., Co. "A"
Buckland, Edward E., Cpl., Co. "K"
Bumpers, John P., Co. "H"
Bumpus, Robert, Co. "E"
Burke, Hilliard, Cpl., Co. "B"
Burke, John, Co. "B"
Burnes, Charles, Co. "E"
Burns, James, Co. "C"
Burns, Perry, Co. "I"
Burns, Peter, Co. "F"
Burroys, James, Co. "H"
Bushun, Peter, Co. "C"
Bush, R. P., Co. "A"
Bush, F. M., Co. "G"
Byrd, William, Co. "A"

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